Gardening Can Be a Very Relaxing and Beneficial Hobby

Gardening is a hobby that allows you to get in touch with the earth that we all came from. Gardening can also help a lot of people to get in touch with themselves, as they go through the cycle of growing plants, flowers and vegetables and spend a lot of time outdoors by themselves. Gardening need not be an expensive hobby, as it requires few basic things, besides a plot of land you can call your own. However, down the line, as gardeners become more enthusiastic, they may find themselves spending a fair bit of money getting in the latest gadgets and machinery, trying to grow exotic flowers and other things that do need you to spend some money.

Gardening is an enjoyable outdoor activity, and is one of the most popular form of leisure exercise, as it does take out the monotony of exercise regimes, while giving you all the benefits of a good workout. Ensure that you do all the required chores yourself. So bending down to do the weeding, turning over a garden bed, with a shovel in your hand, lugging compost, wheelbarrows and mowing with the lawnmower can be good substitutes for exercise. You of course, do cheat a bit if you go in for a mechanized lawnmower, or other means to take out the physical activity needed for gardening. An hour of gardening can burn up three hundred calories and help you to keep your wight in check.

Children find gardening a very thrilling hands-on experience. They look at the plants, flowers and vegetables that are created, with a sense of wonder. Involve your children in your gardening efforts, and you will find their involvement and excitement, something that reduces your own stress. Give them a small plot of their own, and you will find the enthusiasm that they have for this, will add to your enjoyment of gardening.

A garden can help you to create a very peaceful place around your home. This can more than help you to relax, as when you are sitting around enjoying the greenery and calmness, you have the additional satisfaction that you have done this yourself. If you find such garden chores repetitive and monotonous, alternate activities to different days. Plants are very forgiving and will rarely accuse you of neglect. Gardening is a hobby that can unite everyone, regardless of age and sex. It is a hobby that is practiced quite often by neighbors and other social acquaintances. So this gives you a topic for discussion when you meet. Much better than discussing the economy, politics, world events or other things which are more than likely to get your blood pressure up.

Garden spaces can be ideal spots for gatherings with friends and families. They will also give a different perspective to your home. Planning a garden can be one activity that can take up a fair bit of time. You tend to forget all other matters when you are doing this, and this is definitely one way to relax. Talk to experts or get some hints from other enthusiasts. The Internet can be a vast source of inspiration, that can help you to get on with your gardening and help you to take advantage of this relaxing hobby.

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Gardening Can Be A Profitable Hobby

Many people are getting into gardening these days, partly because it is a great outdoor and family activity, and partly because it is convenient to have fresh produce in the backyard. Nearly anyone can grow a few veggies whether they have a garden space available or not. It only takes a small area to create a garden plot; just 10′ x 12′ would supply the needs of a small family. Even those people who rent an apartment or live in a condo can try container gardening to grow a few salad vegetables.

With today’s rising food costs, it makes sense to purchase a few packets of seeds and a few potted plants to get a garden started. It is not necessary to have a lot of garden equipment to be successful at growing a small garden. Just a hoe, grub rake, a small spade and a water hose are enough once the garden space is prepared.

If you are starting from scratch by digging up a small area of the lawn, there will be some energy and muscle required. The sod should be completely removed, deep enough to make sure all the grass roots are gone. These roots regenerate quickly even if they are covered by dirt, so make sure there are none left. Then add enough garden soil and peat moss to refill the hole, using about four times as much garden soil as peat moss. If composted manure is available, use some of that for fertilizer. You can also use commercial fertilizer if no compost is available.

It is exciting to finally plant your garden, but it is important to plan before you plant. Make sure you purchase seeds and plants that will grow well in your climate, and carefully follow the directions on the seed packets and potted plants. Tomatoes are a healthy fruit (although most people think of them as a vegetable), and they grow in nearly any climate. Most do not need a long growing season, they can easily be grown in a container and they yield a lot of produce. Tomatoes are tasty in salads, sandwiches or just sliced with a sprinkle of salt.

Do not forget the other salad veggies that are easy to grow. They include several types of lettuce, carrots, radish and onions. Beets are also easy to grow and you can add the small leaves to a salad, cook the root as a vegetable or pickle them for later use. All of these vegetables can also be grown in containers, so even if you do not have garden space you can still grow the ingredients for a great salad.

Green and yellow beans are very easy to grow, either in a garden or in a container as a pole bean. They are healthy as well as tasty, and any excess you have can easily be frozen or canned.

Unless you are someone who is away from home most of the time, growing your own vegetables during the warm months makes a lot of sense, is fun and also economical.

Finding Your Green Thumb

It is a myth that some people are born with a green thumb while others are just inept when it comes to gardening. Like any other work out there, gardening is a labor of love and a few simple hints and tips can help you create beautiful landscapes.

An understanding of the different types of plants that you need to populate your garden is important.

Every garden, no matter how big or large needs to start with a ground cover such as grass or lawn. Lawn has been genetically enhanced and changed to prosper in all different types of conditions. Be sure to ask your local garden expert which type of lawn is the most compatible with the area in which you live.

Trees are also form a important part of your garden landscape and are often the focal point of a garden. If there are no existent large trees in your garden opt for fast growing trees that will begin to offer shade in a matter of months rather than years.

Hybrid and Tulip Polars are a fast favorite in this category. The Weeping Willow is another speedy growth tree but requires a large amount of water as well as care to ensure it grows at the desired speed. Another fast favorite is the jolly Green Giant with a noticeable growth of about 3 to 5 feet a year with the added benefit of being the most budget conscious.

There are a number of other fast growing trees that you can add to your garden. Take into consideration your climate, soil type as well as water consumption so when asking your nursery specialist about these trees be sure to be specific about the conditions.

Next you will need to plant some shrubs to add some depth to your landscape. You can choose shrubs that are ideal for shaping and pruning to your requirements or opt for flowering shrubs. All year flowering shrubs are your best bet.

These include Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow which flowers all year round and adds a wonderful aroma to your garden. Star Jasmine also has a wonderful scent and flowers all year round. If you find that your flowering shrubs have not bloomed in a while, simply take some pruning shears to the branches and distress the roots.

Distressing the roots of a flowering plant simply means loosening the soil around the roots. It is important not to harm the roots in the process but to ensure that oxygen, water and nutrients can easily reach the root system.

Last but not least are the smaller plants that you add to your garden. These are normally perennially flowering or succulents. These smaller plants can require more care than any of the other plants you have acquired for your garden.

It is better to buy seedlings or mature shrubs to plant in your garden. Once you become more at home with growing and caring for your greenery you can begin purchasing seeds to grow plants from scratch.

Essential Gardening Tools

Acquiring your first property with a garden may be a little daunting but there really is nothing to worry about. All it takes to keep your garden tidy and beautiful is a little effort, a little time and a few essential gardening tools. Don’t rush off to the hardware store until you’ve read this article – you could end up spending much more money than you really need to.

1. A pair of scissors is the first thing you’ll need – they don’t have to be anything fancy. An ordinary pair of kitchen scissors may do the trick but “real gardeners” have a pair of scissors in their pocket at all times. They are great for snipping herbs, dead heading flowers, harvesting smaller vegetables, cutting string, opening compost bags – don’t forget your scissors.

2. A water hose with a wand – gardens need plenty of water during those long, hot summers so it is essential that you can water your garden easily and quickly whilst wasting the minimum amount of water. A water hose with a wand, a trigger type fitting – means that you don’t waste valuable water between plants and you don’t have to keep dashing back to turn the water on and off when you’re doing something else. You can turn the water on and off in an instant – many of them have a variety of spray actions too which is handy.

3. A shovel – essential for digging and turning over the soil. You need a shovel with a narrow, long blade for digging holes although something like a snow shovel is great for scooping debris, spreading mulch and spreading out the top dressing.

4. A rake – rakes are not one size fits all, there are many different rakes which are all perfect for their respective jobs. Think about the type of garden you have. A fan rake is fantastic for raking up the leaves from the law, a smaller shrub rake can do the job in the borders around the shrubs and trees and a hard rake is brilliant for smoothing out soil whilst blending it in with the rest of the garden bed.

5. Pruning shears – just like the rakes and the shovels there are lots of different types of pruning shears so the type you choose depends upon your garden and the plants you have which may need to be pruned from time to time. Small, lightweight shears with sharp blades are good “all round” pruning shears great for trimming back bushes and hedges, longer handled edging shears have smaller blades and are ideal for edging the lawn. Think about what you will actually use them for before deciding on what type you need.

6. A soil knife – is another essential gardening tool which many gardeners could not manage without. Soil knives can be used for many different things including transplanting, cutting through roots, slicing through sods, dividing perennials – a soil knife can tackle many garden tasks.

This selection of just a few essential gardening tools can help to make your life much easier in the garden which in turn will encourage you to spend more time in the garden and help your garden to be a truly beautiful place.

Eight Tips For Growing A Great Garden

Gardening is a nice healthy way to spend some time relaxing outdoors. In this article we will give you nine tips that can help you enjoy your gardening to the fullest.

1. Start your plants in pots, once they sprout and grow a little you can transplant them into the garden. This will grow stronger plants and raise their chances of survival.

2. Healthy soil is very important for the health of your plants. You can use banana skins and other fruit and vegetable waste to create a compost area where you can mix the waste with your soil. This will create rich soil and very healthy plants

3. When you choose a place for your garden keep in mind that most garden plants need an average of six hours of sunlight per day. Not all flowers need that much sunlight, however, some do.

4. It is better not to water your garden while the plants are in direct sunlight, the water acts as a magnifying glass and can damage the plants when the sun is strong. If you decide to water your garden in direct sunlight try to make the water fall directly on the soil without falling on the plants, especially the leaves.

5. If you don’t want to loose valuable time watering your garden. You can buy special hoses that will leak water out at a slow pace. This will allow you to simply turn on the faucet and enjoy yourself while your plants receive the water that they desperately need. You must be careful, however, not to over water your garden.

6. When you pick your vegetables keep in mind that pulling at the vegetable to separate it from the plant can cause damage to the plant. It is usually much better to cut the vegetable off of the plant.

7. If you find that you need to go into the house frequently while gardening taking your shoes on and off can cause a lot of stress. Use some plastic bags, you can slip your shoes into them before entering your house.

8. If your yard has clay quality soil this can cause stress while trying to dig as it sticks to your shovel. You can try solving this problem by waxing your shovel with car wax.

9. As we mentioned before your garden needs a lot of sunlight, this means that you will probably be working in the sun quite a bit. Keep in mind that he ozone isn’t as good as it used to be and there are many risks that come from over exposer to the sun. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and if you are extra sensitive you may want to use a hat and maybe a long sleeve cotton shirt.

Gardening can be a very relaxing hobby, some doctors even recommend it as an anti stress activity. Not to mention the joy that comes from eating food that you produced with your very hands! Happy gardening!