Finding Your Green Thumb

It is a myth that some people are born with a green thumb while others are just inept when it comes to gardening. Like any other work out there, gardening is a labor of love and a few simple hints and tips can help you create beautiful landscapes with the help of a hydroseeding contractor.

An understanding of the different types of plants that you need to populate your garden is important.

Every garden, no matter how big or large needs to start with a ground cover such as grass or lawn. Lawn has been genetically enhanced and changed to prosper in all different types of conditions. Be sure to ask your local garden expert which type of lawn is the most compatible with the area in which you live.

Trees are also form a important part of your garden landscape and are often the focal point of a garden. If there are no existent large trees in your garden opt for fast growing trees that will begin to offer shade in a matter of months rather than years.

Hybrid and Tulip Polars are a fast favorite in this category. The Weeping Willow is another speedy growth tree but requires a large amount of water as well as care to ensure it grows at the desired speed. Another fast favorite is the jolly Green Giant with a noticeable growth of about 3 to 5 feet a year with the added benefit of being the most budget conscious.

There are a number of other fast growing trees that you can add to your garden. Take into consideration your climate, soil type as well as water consumption so when asking your nursery specialist about these trees be sure to be specific about the conditions.

Next you will need to plant some shrubs to add some depth to your landscape. You can choose shrubs that are ideal for shaping and pruning to your requirements or opt for flowering shrubs. All year flowering shrubs are your best bet.

These include Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow which flowers all year round and adds a wonderful aroma to your garden. Star Jasmine also has a wonderful scent and flowers all year round. If you find that your flowering shrubs have not bloomed in a while, simply take some pruning shears to the branches and distress the roots.

Distressing the roots of a flowering plant simply means loosening the soil around the roots. It is important not to harm the roots in the process but to ensure that oxygen, water and nutrients can easily reach the root system.

Last but not least are the smaller plants that you add to your garden. These are normally perennially flowering or succulents. These smaller plants can require more care than any of the other plants you have acquired for your garden.

It is better to buy seedlings or mature shrubs to plant in your garden. Once you become more at home with growing and caring for your greenery you can begin purchasing seeds to grow plants from scratch.