Great Ideas On Gardening With Children

Children love to be outdoors. They have a natural desire to get their hands into things and start working at it. This makes gardening an ideal activity in which they can get into. Teaching children how to garden allows them to develop a respect for the living things in nature. It allows them to see how plant live grows. Your garden can be a really rich environment for educating your children. This article will offer some advice on the best approach in starting your children in gardening.

Each child has different abilities and interests. You first have to gauge their personal interest in gardening. When you work on your garden, are they curious about what you are doing? Do they ask questions? Do they like to touch the plants? If they show interest, it is time to build upon that.

Think about what gardening activities would be appropriate for your children’s age. Do not underestimate what they can do. Even pre-schoolers can help you dig a hole and water plants with their pint-sized water can. Older children can be taught how to plant seeds or young plants properly. Children who are bigger and stronger help with transporting dirt in a wheelbarrow and making planting mounds. They can rake and prep an area to plant. Pruning back an overgrown shrub can be done by teens. There are plenty of activities for any age group when it comes to gardening.

It is a good idea to provide your children with their own sets of garden tools. Take them with you to the home center and buy them some garden gloves, a trowel, rake, long handle shovel, all in a size that is appropriate for them. Put these in their own garden bucket. They will be so proud to have their own tools, and this will make it very special for them.

In addition to their own garden gear, shop with them for seeds or plants that they would like to grow. Make this their responsibility to take of. This will help them take ownership of the project and will motivate them to their best in it.

Get some picture books and tell your young children how plants grow. Talk about the plants need for sunlight and water, and how it takes time for a seed to grow into a plant. Talk about the insects that live in your garden.

When they are outside, you will see their eyes light up as they have their own tools in hand, ready to help. Designate a small area for them to take care of, to plant the plants that they have chosen. Show them how to prepare the soil and plant the seeds or plants. Try to let them do as much on their own as possible. This is the best way for them to learn.

Gardening can be a fun and educational activity for children. Use this article to help you get your children started in the wonderful world of gardening.