Growing Crocuses

The crocus is a popular flower for flower beds and borders. The flowers are yellow, purple, or white, with cup shaped flowers on a three to six inch stem. Most crocuses bloom in the spring, although there are varieties that bloom in the fall. Often crocuses are the first flowers in a garden to bloom, bringing an early touch of color to your flowerbed after a long dreary winter.

There are more than 80 species of crocus, with about 30 varieties that are raised on a commercial basis. One of the most common varieties of crocus is the crocus vernus, or Dutch Crocus. This flower has the largest bloom out of the crocus varieties. Some of the early blooming crocus varieties are crocus chrysanthus, crocus sieberi and the crocus tommasinianus.

Crocuses are easy bulbs to plant. You can plant them indoors or outdoors, in beds or containers. Crocuses will grow well in full sun. You can grow crocuses in poor soil if necessary; just make sure the soil is well drained. Mix a little bit of sand with the soil if necessary to improve drainage.

The best time to plant the crocuses outdoors is in the fall. Plant the bulbs when the weather cools down. Make sure that they will not be disturbed during the winter. Make sure that the bulbs will not be accessible to small animals. Squirrels, mice, and rabbits may dig up and eat the bulbs. The best place to plant them is a sunny and protected flowerbed.

Plant the bulbs in shallow holes, under a half inch of soil. Cover the bulbs with mulch, such as leaves, straw, or grass clippings. Water the bulbs regularly through the winter if you do not have much snow. If you do live in a climate with snow, then water the crocuses until snow starts to fall. The flowers will start growing, sending up shoots when the snow melts in the late fall or early spring.

If you choose to plant the crocuses indoors, plant them in small flowerpots. Put a layer of gravel in the bottom of the pot, and then fill the pot with potting soil to within an inch and a half of the top of the pot. Plant the bulbs an inch apart, with the pointed end of the bulb facing up. After planting, water the flower bulbs thoroughly, allowing the flower pot to drain. Move the flower pots to a cold, dark space for six weeks. They should be in a place about 45 degrees F. Check on the pots once a week. When you see roots appearing through the drain holes in the bottom of the pots, then you can move them to a sunny area of your house. The crocuses will bloom in about three weeks

Planting the crocuses indoors will provide a nice touch of color to your home. Planting them outdoors will provide a nice touch of color to your garden early in the spring. The sight of crocuses blooming is a sure sign that spring has arrived.