Why I Love Gardening

Although I just started gardening last year, I have fallen in love with it. There is so much to love about gardening. It has really improved my life.

The first thing I love about gardening is that I really enjoy seeing different things grow. Everyday there is something new to discover. Whether it is a new flower blossom or something I planted emerging from the soil. It makes my day to see new life in my garden.

I also love how I can plant all types of different things. I can plant tomatoes, peppers, onions, corn, lettuce, strawberries, peas and all types of flowers. I can truly make the garden my own.

If my family eats a lot of tomatoes, I can plant more of those. I can customise it based on what we will eat more of. My whole family enjoys what I grow and loves to try my fresh food.

I enjoy giving some of my harvest to my friends. I know one of my friends loves salad every night so I bring her lettuce when I can. Another friend enjoys making jams so I share some of my strawberries with her. It is so nice to be able to give to people like that.

Gardening is a very relaxing hobby for me. I could spend hours in the garden just sitting there and looking at everything. Sometimes I even like to watch the bugs on the soil. As long as they don’t destroy too much of my harvest I don’t mind.

I love learning about new plants and the best ways to grow there. I love to experiment and see what happens. If I find a new type of plant I love to buy the seeds and see what will happen. I don’t mind if something doesn’t grow right because I will just try again.

I have made mistakes in my garden but I am okay with that. They have only taught me how to be a better gardener. I would rather try something a lot of people say won’t work than be too afraid to try.

My friends say that I have a very green thumb. That might be true but I really just go for it. I am not afraid to try anything and I will do my best to get it right. I do my research and hope for the best.

When it is time to harvest a plant and it no longer grows then I feel a little sad. In some ways I have made friends with my plants and I hate to see them go. At least there is something else I plan to replace it with.

When people tell me they can’t garden I tell them they should try again. Each year is different and what didn’t work for you one year might work the next. You never really know until you try.

I am so happy that I decided to try gardening again after my first year. I have been able to grow some amazing things. I have loved every minute of it.